Garth Brooks

Some Garth Brooks fans want refunds after parking and ADA issues, on Your Side

(KY3) RIDGEDALE, Mo Numerous people have expressed their enjoyment of the Garth Brooks concert and their sense of fun. However, some admirers want refunds. Numerous individuals are believed to have been turned away from the Thunder Ridge Nature Arena due to traffic issues both outside and within the building.

Fans have also complained that assistance for people with disabilities was insufficient.

Ashley Reynolds, a reporter for On Your Side, went to the event on Friday night with her family and friends. She obtained a lot of the video for her article in this way.

The venue was never reached by me, Matthew Haygood admitted. We sat there for over four hours before giving up. According to Haygood, he paid to park at the Fruit Farm. a large area near State Highway 86 and U.S. 65. He claimed that on Friday night, no one ever examined his receipt.

There were still at least 500–1,000 people in front of us while we stood there from 5:15 to 8:30 p.m., and there was simply no chance of our getting in. Thus, we simply gave up and left. People were being advised to walk. It was a choice. Particularly for little children, it was not an option. It is exceedingly risky to advise individuals to cross Highway 65 by foot. There isn’t a lot of light. He claimed that there are no sidewalks.

Numerous others tell On Your Side that despite paying for parking, it was never verified.

“We left at 5:30 and arrived at 8:30.” (p.m.). The hill is completely full. I’ve never attended a performance where there weren’t any available seats. Monica Ewing declared, “We’re leaving.

When Joe Folsom arrived, the concert was mostly over.

At 9:15, he claimed, “We entered the venue through the gate.”

People who attended the concert claim that some of the porta toilets were too dark.

“You would not have been able to make it if you had any kind of physical impairment or had trouble walking. It is clumpy mulch. When you entered the gate, it was the worst part. Like walking on sand, it was made of gravel. People using motorised scooters and walkers were seen. We were unable to navigate it at all, and you practically got stuck in it, said Folsom.

On Your Side has been in contact with many Bass Pro Communications employees about all of these issues since Sunday afternoon. No one has responded to us.

Ashley Reynolds asked for an interview regarding parking issues more than a week before the show. Her requests were turned down repeatedly.

Here are a few ways to ask for a refund.

Dial 1-800-653-8000 to reach Ticketmaster. Choice 3.

Submit a claim. Get ready to wait. Have your credit card information and order number on hand.