Spotify is giving new Premium users three months for free.

Recent cancelers can resubscribe for $9.99.

For new Spotify Premium subscribers, three months of service are completely free. New Spotify Duo and family users can receive one free month, while new individual and student subscribers can take advantage of the three-month deal. Former Premium subscribers aren’t eligible for the promotion, but Spotify is providing anyone who left before July 15th the chance to renew their subscription for the first three months for just $9.99.

The new promotion is still available to consumers through September 11th, Sunday. Subscribers who took advantage of the offer will be charged the usual fee for the subscription following the expiration of the three-month trial period. Visit to sign up if you’re interested.

This most recent agreement may help Spotify maintain a jump in subscriber growth even as the firm reduces hiring due to economic concerns. The platform’s total user base climbed to 433 million from the 422 million it reported in the first quarter, with the number of members rising to 188 million during the company’s second quarter.

Additionally, Spotify has lately added a few additional features. The business now provides a separate play and shuffle button to its paid subscribers. The business recently started rolling out a revamp that helps distinguish between podcasts and music. However, Spotify HiFi is still missing.

Nothing’s first phone falls short of the enormous anticipation that the firm created before it was released. The glyph alerts and the lights on the rear panel aren’t just a gimmick, but more of a fashion statement.