Sydney Sweeney, star of “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” on the difficulties in maintaining her privacy: “The more I give out, the more others want to take.”

An earlier version of this article about Sydney Sweeney was published in TheWrap’s awards publication in the Down to the Wire: Drama issue.

Sydney Sweeney desires to be subjected to extreme pressure. She grew up idolizing performers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, expecting to one-day land jobs similar to theirs.

She stated, adding that she was drawn to “everything that I watched that was just utterly, wildly different from my reality,” and that she “always admired how strong they were.”

She debuted on HBO as the sensitive high schooler Cassie Howard in “Euphoria,” which led to her being cast as the wealthy socialite Olivia Mossbacher in “The White Lotus,” and is now 24 years old and double Emmy nominated for two parts that possibly suit that description.

Only Sweeney and Julia Garner received their nominations for lead or supporting parts in two distinct programs out of the nine performers who are competing for multiple Emmys this year.

Sydney Sweeney’s roles in “White Lotus” and “Euphoria” couldn’t be any more dissimilar, and she likes it that way (Video)

Sweeney has spoken extensively about separating herself from her roles, yet she is nonetheless criticized for it, particularly when it involves naked sequences (a double standard, she has maintained, doesn’t exist for males in Hollywood).

I know that for an audience, it might not be as simple for me to divorce myself from a character, she remarked. “However, I’m hoping that as I keep introducing my audience to new people, they’ll gradually begin to understand that I’m truly living and breathing someone else’s life. Sydney Sweeney isn’t there.

Thanks to sequences that have gone viral, her performance in Season 2 of “Euphoria” garnered her professional recognition and increased exposure. She is currently trying to manage this phase of her career while living under the spotlight. Even if she doesn’t have all the solutions, Sweeney intends to keep on and execute her work as effectively as she can while maintaining her privacy.

I was always taught to be open and honest with people, but I find it challenging in our field because our reality will undoubtedly be different from most others, she added. “Therefore, it is challenging to speak on subjects that might not be easily absorbed. I’m discovering that people want to take more from me the more I give away. It’s like striking a balance between wanting to maintain a healthy personal life and wanting to present my audience with the most genuine version of myself.

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On her 25th birthday, she’ll go to the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. She acknowledges that considering her career trajectory to this point is “a weird concept.”

I probably recorded myself for 50 to 100 auditions, but I never even received a call, she claimed. “That was the task, and I discovered that I loved it. I’d become quite imaginative. When I had to record auditions, I would do things that the characters would do, like go to the car if it was in the car and eat a burger. I got into auditioning, and I fell in love with it, so I started recording as if I were doing a scene.

What is her current attitude toward the auditions for which she did not get a callback?

“It’s tough. I’m still trying to figure out how to handle that, she admits. “Nobody wants to be turned down. But I must put my faith in the system and realize that everything will work out as it should.