iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max schematic that was leaked shows that it will be thicker and wider than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Leaks from the past suggested that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max might be a little bit wider than that.

Shrimp that leaks

ApplePro has shared a paper schematic with AppleInsider that shows how the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max will look and how big it will be. The person who gave the tip found it on the Chinese site Baidu.

Except for one thing, the schematic is the same as other leaked schematics and pictures of dummy units. Previous leaks said that the width of the iPhone 14 Pro Max would be 77.58mm, but this diagram says that it will be 78.78mm. This would make the phone a little bit wider than the 78.1mm wide iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The depth of the phone is another thing that will probably change. If you take out the camera bump, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 7.65mm thick. It looks like its replacement will be 7.85mm thick. It will be 12.02mm deep with the camera island. This fits with a previous report that said the camera bulge would grow from 3.60mm to 4.18mm thick.

While that may not look good aesthetically, what may make it more bearable is that Apple apparently had to increase the dimensions of the bump to accommodate the new higher-resolution 48MP camera which can help the iPhone 14 Pro Max become the best camera smartphone of the year.

The phone will be about the same height as the model it replaces (160.71mm for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 160.8mm for the iPhone 13 Pro Max).

In the picture, you can also see the pill-shaped and hole-shaped cuts that will replace the notch. According to earlier reports, the phone may also have thinner bezels.

The design of the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro is also likely to be the same. On the other hand, the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max will keep the notch and probably won’t get a new main camera sensor either.

There are rumors that all of the phones will get a better selfie camera and a way to connect to satellites.

Reports also say that the rumored A16 Bionic chip will only be in the high-end models. With these changes, the price could go up, but Apple doesn’t seem to think this will hurt sales.

On September 13, Apple is likely to show off its new iPhone 14 line. On stage with the phones will be three models of the Apple Watch, including the Series 8.