Jo Koy

The key to Daly City is given to comedian Jo Koy for his movie “Easter Sunday.”

Today, the key to Daly City was given to a stand-up comedian for his upcoming movie and for “loving and supporting the Daly City community.”

Jo Koy’s PG-13 humour has sold out shows at the Chase Center, and Daly City officials liked that his new movie, “Easter Sunday,” is set in the Gateway to the Peninsula.

The Filipino American comedian jokes a lot about his background. Even though Koy grew up in Washington state, his movie is set in Daly City and is about a comedian who goes home for Easter to spend time with his family. In the movie, his character makes a joke about how Easter Sunday is like the Super Bowl in the Philippines. Jay Chandrasekhar, who directed “Super Troopers,” is in charge of the comedy, and DreamWorks Pictures, which is run by Steven Spielberg, made it.

The movie takes place in Daly City, which is mentioned in the trailer when a funny joke is made about a Daly City police officer’s NSFW email address.

Koy said that he wanted to give other people more chances when he accepted the key to the city. “Let’s help people get through that door. Let’s not try to bring it back and close the door on ourselves. Let’s keep the door open. I just want to end on this: If that door does close, I have the key to open it,” he said, producing the placard with the key.

This past week, Koy went to a showing of his movie with Daly City Councilmember Juslyn Manalo.

In another part of the Bay Area, the comedian was on the “Sana G Morning Show” on 106.1 KMEL to talk about the movie and his connection to the area.

“You all have loved me from the start,” he said on the air. “I used to play Cobb’s for two and a half weeks straight. Tuesday was a day when I had shows! We couldn’t get enough entertainment. It had gotten to the point where we had to go to the arena. When I saw the bay, I thought, “Yeah, we need to do the arena.” That’s how much the bay loves me, dude.”