Anne Heche

The LA County coroner ruled that Anne Heche’s passing was an accident.

The Los Angeles County Department of the Medical Examiner-Coroner determined Wednesday that actress Anne Heche’s death was the result of an accident.

On August 5, Heche’s car slammed into a house in Los Angeles and caught fire. In addition to other serious injuries from the collision, Heche had a “severe anoxic brain injury” as a result of the tragedy, according to a statement from her family and friends to CNN.
Apparently, she passed away on Sunday after her life support was turned off, according to a family representative.

Inhalation and heat injuries were listed as the cause of death by the coroner. A “sternal fracture as a result of blunt trauma” was one of her death’s other “significant conditions,” according to the study published online.
The article states that the coroner’s office has since released Heche’s body.

Heche’s reps have been contacted by CNN for comment.

Heche, an accomplished actress who garnered numerous accolades, made her television debut in 1987 on the soap opera “Another World,” for which she also won a Daytime Emmy. She started her cinematic career after leaving the program, making appearances in critically acclaimed movies like “Donnie Brasco” and “Wag the Dog.”

Heche additionally starred alongside Harrison Ford in movies including the 1998 “Psycho” adaptation and the romantic comedy “Six Days Seven Nights.” She also contributed to the 2000 HBO film “If These Walls Could Talk 2,” and in her 2001 autobiography, she discussed her father’s maltreatment of her as a child, which led to her lifelong struggles with mental diseases.
Chloe Melas and Scottie Andrew of CNN contributed to this report.