The motorised TV stand and Atmos soundbar combo from Bang & Olufsen costs nearly $8,000.

The Beosound Theatre can be ordered with a wooden or fabric cover.

Bang & Olufsen debuted the Beosound Theatre Dolby Atmos soundbar today at IFA 2022, which functions as both a stylish speaker and a motorised TV stand. The Beosound Theatre is a complete audio system with 12 speaker drivers, including two custom-made, long-stroke 6.5-inch woofers. If you have bigger plans for your audio setup, the Theatre, with its seven built-in outputs and support for up to 16 external loudspeakers, can also serve as the heart of a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround system.

The interface bracket, which is advertised as having a “sculptural, modular build,” is motorised, allowing the TV to rotate so that users can find the best possible viewing angle, though if you don’t need it, you can buy the soundbar separately from the stand. You can also replace the soundbar (along with your TV) later if necessary. The Beosound Theatre interface bracket — commonly referred to as a TV stand — includes a compartment for concealing cables and TV boxes.

The Beosound Theatre will be available in a variety of finishes and customizations, though specifics have yet to be released. A fabric-covered version will cost $6,890, while a wooden-covered version will cost $7,990, and both will be available for purchase on October 1st.

Individual speaker compatibility must be confirmed, but Bang & Olufsen notes that even its decades-old floor-standing speakers, such as the Beolab Penta, Beolab 6000, and Beolab 8000, can be linked to form a multispeaker sound system. Bang & Olufsen also mentions that the Beosound Theatre includes a new bass management feature that allows all connected speakers to function as a single unit rather than simply sending the bass to the most powerful speaker available, as is common in other systems.

The design of the soundbar was inspired by sailboats, according to B&O, and despite looking like a hefty slab of aluminium, it can still be wall-mounted if you don’t want to lay it on your floor. The Beosound Theatre comes with the necessary wall mount as well as a separate stand for the soundbar to rest on a table or desk. The aluminium “wings” are also extendable, allowing almost any TV to be slotted into the Beosound Theatre, according to Bang & Olufsen.

“We understand that our customers want to invest in long-lasting products, which is why Beosound Theatre was modularly designed to outlast many TVs in its lifetime.” “We created a solution that allows you to update your product rather than replace it, and a product that can evolve with you over time,” said Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, head of product circularity.