Aliens game

The new Aliens game will be single player and probably scary in virtual reality.

“An untold Aliens story” is what 20th Century Games promises.

A new game based on the Alien franchise is coming to consoles, PC, and virtual reality platforms. It promises to be a “intense single-player action horror game” set in the sci-fi franchise. 20th Century Games and Survios, the company behind VR games like Creed: Rise to Glory, Raw Data, and Sprint Vector, say that their untitled project will be “an untold Aliens story” set in the 57 years between the events of the first Alien movie and the second one, Aliens.

The official website for the new Aliens game says that it will be led by a battle-hardened veteran with a grudge against the Xenomorphs. Survios says that its project will build on the studio’s “expertise in making games that are immersive and real.” The Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games is being used to build the game.

20th Century Games and Survios say that more information will be given at the Alien: Expanding a Dark and Scary Universe panel on July 21 at next week’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

We don’t know much else about the next big Aliens game, but it sounds like it could please fans of Alien: Isolation, the single-player survival horror game from developer Creative Assembly that was set between Alien and Aliens. This studio is currently making a very different game called Hyenas, which is a loot-driven shooter that goes way over the top.

The Aliens game from Survios comes after Tindalos Interactive announced Aliens: Dark Descent, a new squad-based action game for one player that takes place in the same universe.