solar headphone

The new solar headphones from Adidas can be powered by the light in your room.

The wireless RPT-02 SOL headphones also have 80 hours of playback time built in.

Adidas has released a new set of wireless solar-powered headphones that will keep you dry in all weather. Adidas RPT-02 SOL on-ear headphones were created in collaboration with Zound Industries and can be recharged using either natural or artificial light. Adidas’ previously released RPT-01, which offers 40 hours of wireless playback, pleasantly impressed us. The latest series has a virtually identical look and claims an additional 80 hours of playback life in addition to 24/7 charging. Additionally, recyclable plastic and nylon are used in its construction.

Exeger, a Swedish solar technology business, created a very flexible light-cell material called Powerfoyle for the RPT-02 SOL headband. Screen printing the solar cell material onto plastic enables a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, walls, and automobiles. Powerfoyle can charge under a variety of lighting circumstances, in contrast to older forms of solar cells that require a strong and consistent supply of natural light. Although the RPT-02 isn’t the first product to have this capability, solar-powered headphones are still not that prevalent.

The RPT-02 is IPX4-rated, which means it can withstand sweat and splashes from a nearby lake or ocean despite not being waterproof. A built-in indicator helps you choose the ideal charging light, and the headphones have controls for selecting music and volume. In case everything else fails, it has a USB-C port. On August 23, the RPT-02 SOL will be offered for sale online with a suggested retail price of $229.