iPhone SE

The next iPhone SE will look like the iPhone XR, and the iPhone 14 Pro will get a new ultrawide camera.

The next iPhone SE will reportedly ditch its current design in favour of one that is identical to that of the iPhone XR from 2018. That is, if a recent rumour is to be believed. Its source is Jon Prosser, who was speaking on the Geared Up podcast, and he has provided reliable information in the past, so perhaps this is true.


But don’t break out the bubbly just yet, because a new iPhone SE was released earlier this year, two years after its predecessor. As a result, if Apple maintains the same release schedule for this series, the new model, which will resemble an iPhone XR, will not arrive until 2024. That design will be six years old by then. You can tell Apple is passionate about its most affordable phone, can’t you?


Moving on to devices that the company is very interested in, the iPhone 14 Pro series is rumoured to have an upgraded ultrawide camera with 1.4m pixel size. That would be a significant increase from the 1.0m pixel size on the iPhone 13 Pro’s ultrawide camera, and it comes as no surprise that the components would be more expensive for Apple to source.


The sensor appears to be manufactured by Sony, while the “compact camera module” is manufactured by LG Innotek, and both companies stand to benefit from the price increase. Buyers of the two Pro models due out later this year, on the other hand, will theoretically benefit from better ultrawide shots, particularly at night. Let’s wait and see if that happens.