The Pixel will soon receive the long-awaited Android 13 OTA update.

Despite being released on Monday, the majority of US owners only started getting the update on Friday.

On August 15, Google published Android 13 to AOSP and began pushing out the upgrade for Pixel phones. As is customary with any significant software update, Google did not instantly distribute the OTA to every owner of a Pixel phone. Instead, it started with a limited group of customers to make sure there were no serious problems with the upgrade before starting a wider rollout. Google is distributing the update to all US-compliant Pixel phones that are compatible with it now that a few days have passed since the most recent Android version and no significant issues have been observed.

The Android 13 OTA may now be manually downloaded by going to Settings > System > System Update on your Pixel and clicking the Check for update icon. Since only a small number of people had access to the OTA up until yesterday, pressing the button repeatedly did not result in the update appearing. 9to5 According to Google, the Android 13 OTA is now accessible for all US-compatible Pixel phones. There are numerous stories that support this on Twitter and Reddit as well. The OS deployment should start early next week, if all goes as planned.

Your phone will determine the download size, which can range from 800MB to 1GB. Make sure your phone is fully charged before beginning the process because the update takes some time to install in the background.

Android 13 adds opt-in notifications, a redesigned media player, per-app language settings, and more in addition to an expanded Material You colour palette. Additionally, it includes more than 150 bug fixes and enhancements for Pixel phones. Once the update has been installed on your smartphone, review the list of the top Android 13 features you need to test right away and the top Android 13 hacks and tips to learn everything there is to know about the OS and how to utilise it to the fullest.