Rollerdrome's Art

The Rollerdrome’s Art

Let’s look at some of the concept art for Roll7’s newest game because it is hella stylish.


It gives me great joy to be able to look at artwork from Roll7’s newest game, Rollerdrome, which comes out this week. Our showcase for OlliOlli World was one of my favourite Fine Art articles of the year, so it’s wonderful that we can do it now.


The game, which is essentially a deathmatch shooter that combines skating manoeuvres with third-person gunplay, has already been discussed on this website a few times. And while OlliOlli World was a sweet animated adventure that seemed like it should have its own animation series, Rollerdrome’s cel-shaded style has the appearance of a 1980s comic book crossed with a bloody 1970s sci-fi film. And I do so in the most positive way imaginable.


I should point out that while coming from the same Roll7 studio as OlliOlliWorld, Rollerdrome is a distinct artist. The art you see below is all by Kim Hu and Grégoire Frot, and you can access both of their portfolios by clicking on the names below:

Kim Hu

Rollerdrome is similar to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but with guns.
It’s as if My Friend Pedro, Jet Set Radio, and Max Payne had a child together.
Can that be done?


On August 16, the OlliOlli team will release Rollerdrome, an independent roller-skating murder game, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. You ride toward your doom on bulletproof white skates in the single-player third-person shooter Rollerdrome. I was able to preview Rollerdrome so I could give you the inside scoop on what to anticipate and how to play. It is like a shaken can of soda, exploding with colour and excitement.