Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

The trailer, details, and screenshots for “The Mercenaries: Additional Orders” for Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

Lord Karl Heisenberg, Lady Dumitrescu, and Chris Redfield all jump into the fight.

Capcom has released a new trailer, information, and screenshots for Resident Evil Village’s “Winters’ Expansion,” which focuses on “The Mercenaries Additional Orders” and adds new playable characters, stages, and more improvements to the fast-paced action mode.

In “The Mercenaries: Additional Orders,” you can also play Lady Dumitrescu, Lord Karl Heisenberg, and Chris Redfield, as well as Ethan Winters. Capcom has this to say about each character:

In this action-packed mode, Lady Dimitrescu towers over her enemies with her nine-foot height. She uses this height to fight Lycans and other enemies who are unlucky enough to cross her path. Lady Dimitrescu fills her Thrill meter in battle by slicing her opponents to pieces with her razor-sharp claws. This gives her the ability to do special things, like slam down enemies or call her daughters.

Lord Karl Heisenberg has electric powers of his own. Heisenberg can really put a charge into his attacks because he has a big hammer and can control magnetic currents. Soldat Jets, which were made in Heisenberg’s factory, fight alongside him, but be careful not to get caught in the middle of their attacks, which are meant to destroy themselves. Heisenberg can also trade his speed of movement to see what his enemies are made of by pulling them in with his magnetic field or put on a show for everyone by throwing scrap metal like saw blades at them.

In “The Mercenaries: Additional Orders,” Chris Redfield was also a S.T.A.R.S. agent. The legendary BSAA agent has a powerful straight punch that can get him out of tight spots and quickly fill up his Onslaught gauge. When Onslaught is on, Chris can move and reload very quickly. Chris can also ask for help from the Hound Wolf Squad by using his target locator to find out where the enemies are and then calling for support strikes.

“Bloody Village” and “Bloody River” are the names of the two new stages.

The “Winters’ Expansion” is also part of the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which comes out on October 28 along with the game. Here’s what you need to know about Resident Evil Village Gold Edition:


Resident Evil Village is the eighth main game in the award-winning Resident Evil series, and it takes survival horror to a whole new level. After the horrifying events of the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, the story follows Ethan Winters as he travels to a remote snow-capped village full of different scary enemies. After a terrible encounter with the hero of the Resident Evil series, Chris Redfield, Ethan goes after him to find out what happened, but he ends up in a whole new nightmare.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition is a bundle of the original game and the highly anticipated “Winters’ Expansion” downloadable content. Both will be available on October 28, 2022. “Third-Person Mode” is a new way to play the full campaign in “Winters’ Expansion.” “The Mercenaries Additional Orders” is a major update for the action-packed “The Mercenaries” mode that adds new playable characters. Finally, “Shadows of Rose” picks up the story 16 years after the end of the main game. The “Resident Evil Village Trauma Pack” can be bought with a coupon that comes with the “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.”

What’s Important

A Different View – “Third-Person Mode” gives you a different view of the eighth main game in the Resident Evil series. In the first version of Resident Evil Village, players enjoyed the intense first-person view. With the Gold Edition and the “Winters’ Expansion,” they can now watch Ethan in action and see his journey from a different point of view.

The Story Keeps Going: “Shadows of Rose” continues the story of the Winters family 16 years after “Resident Evil Village.” The new story in the expansion is about Rose Winters, the daughter of the main character Ethan, and how she struggles with her scary powers. Explore the strange and twisted world inside Megamycete’s mind to find a cure.

The Mercenaries Are Back and Stronger Than Ever – “The Mercenaries,” the much-loved battle-the-clock mode, is back with new features. In “The Mercenaries: Additional Orders,” fan favorites Lady Dumitrescu, Chris Redfield, and Lord Karl Heisenberg are added as new playable characters, each with their own unique skills. This new content for Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the “Winters’ Expansion” includes new levels and other improvements.

Bonus Game: Resident Evil Village will give you access to Resident Evil Re: Verse, a free multiplayer game that comes out on the same day as Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the “Winters’ Expansion,” October 28, 2022. In four- to six-player “deathmatch” battles in classic settings, a cast of well-known characters go head to head.

Familiar Faces and New Enemies: Chris Redfield, the main character of the Resident Evil series, is back with a new plot that seems to be evil. Ethan will also meet a lot of new enemies in the mysterious village, and each of them will have its own attacks.

Evolution of Combat: In Resident Evil Village, Ethan can fight enemies and defend himself from attacks. He can also kick enemies away to buy time and think of the best way to deal with the challenges ahead.

Popular Features Are Back. Some familiar features from previous Resident Evil games are back in Resident Evil Village, like “The Duke,” a merchant who lets players buy and sell items, buy crafting recipes, and customize their weapons.

Latest Technology: The RE Engine, combined with new technologies available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, gives the village and its people live with hyper-detailed graphics, advanced immersive audio, and almost no load times.

Play Across Generations: The PlayStation 4 version of Resident Evil Village can be upgraded to the digital PlayStation 5 version at no extra cost, and the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles can get the game through Smart Delivery.

Resident Evil Village is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam, and Stadia.

Check out the video below. Visit the gallery to see the screenshots.