Travis Scott and his 4-year-old daughter Stormi make a volcano in a cute new science project video.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott cheered for Stormi as she made a volcano lava kit erupt in their backyard. Check out the cute video here!

Travis Scott is a musician, a father, and… a scientist? Well, in Stormi’s eyes, at least! On July 14, the “Sicko Mode” singer, who is 31 and has a 4-year-old daughter with Kylie Jenner, set up a volcano kit in their backyard with Stormi, who is also 4. The sweet time between father and daughter was caught on video, which Kylie then put on her TikTok page.

Travis helped Stormi put water and food coloring into the volcano at the beginning of the cute video. As Stormi followed the directions for the Dr. STEM Toys Volcano Making Experiment Science Lab Kit, she could be heard counting, “five, six.” Travis made sure to explain what was happening in each step of the process before Stormi finished the last step and let the volcano erupt. Travis asked, “Wait, what do you call it when it’s inside the volcano?” Travis asked Stormi what she meant, and she said “magma.” Travis then asked what magma is called when it comes out of a volcano. “Hot lava,” she said with confidence. Stormi finally added baking soda to the mix and watched as the mixture poured out of the volcano. Travis yelled “Woah!” and Kylie’s cheers could be heard in the background. Stormi’s happy giggle was so cute.

The fun family time video came just a few days after Stormi posted her first TikTok instead of just being in one with her beauty mogul mother. Stormi smiled and laughed at the camera for 16 seconds as she played with a filter that made her face look funny. Then she caught her mom in her pajamas eating noodles. Kylie added a laughing face emoji to the funny video and wrote, “Stormi’s first tik tok.”

The science experiment also happened after Kylie showed a glimpse of her five-month-old son, whose name hasn’t been revealed yet, in another video on the popular platform. In the video, Kylie showed off different parts of her children’s rooms, like Stormi’s closet, a couch, and a play area. She then changed her video into an ad for her new Kylie Baby products. She wrote in the caption, “My favorite spots in my kids’ rooms + new @kyliebaby…our new soothing balm and lip and cheek stick are now available at” She put the balm on her son’s tiny legs and feet, who were wearing green shorts, to show how it felt. Stormi rubbed the facial stick all over her lips and cheeks in the last part of the video.