Truly impressive

Truly impressive

Truly impressive – Convertible workstation Asus ExpertBook B6 Flip

If you view the ExpertBook B6 Flip as a convertible, you probably have the heaviest device in its class. Even as a workstation, the device is large and incredibly powerful. This is primarily due to the extreme cooling that takes up a lot of space in the large case.

Marc Herter (translated by Jacob Fisher), Published 🇩🇪

Our review devices undergo dozens of benchmark tests, and they do not always manage to cope with all the benchmarks thrown at them. On the other hand, theExpertBook B6 Flipmaintains a cool processor and graphics card under testing. The device, which is almost three centimeters thick, contains an Intel Core i9-12950HX and an Nvidia RTX A2000. Together they generate a waste heat of around 140 watts. In terms of performance, the ExpertBook B6 Flipis far ahead in the test field and even outperforms the MSI CreatoPro Z16Pwith its supposedly stronger A3000. Both laptops run their graphics cards with up to 90 watts, but the MSI device runs out of steam sooner.

In terms of form factor, however, theExpertBook B6 Flipis excessively large. With its wide bezels, the 16-inch laptop almost has the dimensions of a 17-incher. But Asus uses the space gained for a correspondingly large cooling system. The performance of the convertible thus corresponds to an excellent workstation, but the convertible factor is somewhat lost. Of course, you can use the laptop as a tablet, but the size and three kilograms of weight quickly make for tired arms, or a workout for tablet enthusiasts. In this case, tent- and presentation mode are more convenient for working on the ExpertBook B6 Flip with the included stylus.

Many other special features of the workstation can be foundin our detailed test review.

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Marc Herter, 2023-01-16 (Update: 2023-01-16)

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