U.S. legislators travel Ukraine, find ‘proof of Putin's war crimes

U.S. legislators travel Ukraine, find ‘proof of Putin’s war crimes

One of the first two US legislators to see the ruins in Ukraine claimed the carnage was “indisputable proof of Putin’s war crimes.” Hundreds of citizens were found in mass graves sprawled throughout city streets in Bucha, according to The Hill.

According to the site, Daines described the gruesome image and begged for additional firearms to be deployed to the nation.

“The photographs of shallow mass graves filled with people, women, and children are heartbreaking.

“America and the world need to know about Putin’s crimes against the innocent Ukrainian people now, not after the fact. “The sooner we can supply Ukraine with deadly assistance, the sooner the war crimes will end,” he allegedly wrote.

Spartz told The New York Times that the visit was “important to convey our support and care.”

The GOP members were invited by the Ukrainian government and came to Kyiv by rail one day before.

According to the story, Daines was already in Eastern Europe and Spartz was planning an unauthorized visit.

The two were taken by police through ruins and observed authorities digging up a mass grave in Bucha, where Russian forces chained and executed uncountable civilians.

“We’ve driven for miles and miles and miles, watching Vladimir Putin’s horrible invasion,” Daines remarked.

Even though President Biden and Vice President Harris had just visited Poland, Daines and Spartz were the first American officials to cross the border.

The legislators said they urged the US to send diplomats back to Kyiv now that the city was no longer in danger.