Users have additional control over the battery % in Low Power Mode with iOS 16 beta 6.

Last week, Apple published iOS 16 beta 5, which included a surprise: for the first time, it introduced battery percentage to modern iPhones (iPhone X and after). The business is offering customers even more control over the battery % when Low Power Mode is enabled with iOS 16 beta 6, which was earlier today distributed to developers.

Users may choose to view either the percentage or the conventional battery level indicator in the status bar of the iPhone when the battery percentage was previously selectable. However, the battery level was also automatically enabled when Low Power Mode was on.

The battery level would display on your iPhone even if you had selected not to have one every time Low Power Mode was activated. Apple has modified this behavior with the most recent beta of iOS 16. Now, even with Low Power Mode activated, customers who have disabled battery percentage won’t see it.

Naturally, this is welcome news for anyone who disliked the way Apple implemented the battery % in iOS 16 yet was occasionally compelled to view it. It’s important to note, though, that Apple hasn’t altered the battery % interface from iOS 16 beta 5, so this is something to keep in mind.

Not everyone seemed to enjoy iOS 16’s battery percentage.
Since the battery icon doesn’t correspond to the percentage as the battery declines, as we previously discussed, several customers found the new interface for battery % puzzling. Only when the battery level falls to 20% does the icon change, turning red and empty. Apart from that, the icon could deceive you into thinking the battery is still full when it is not.

Another aspect of this new implementation is that the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini do not support iOS 16’s battery percentage feature. Although the causes are unknown, it can be because of the screen’s size and resolution.

For developers and consumers who have signed up for the Apple Beta Software Program, iOS 16 is presently available as beta software. This fall is when the official release is predicted.

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