Josh Eckstein

What $3 movie are you going to see tomorrow?

More than 3,000 theatres are providing discounted tickets on National Cinema Day. Will you choose to see a blockbuster or gamble on an independent film?

The Cinema Foundation declared this Saturday, September 3, to be National Cinema Day in an effort to create a celebration that would be popular with both moviegoers and cinemas. A total of 3,000 cinemas in the United States, including both large chains like Regal and AMC and smaller independent theatres, are officially taking part in the offer. Even the big screen version of Jaws is returning!

Even if some of the summer blockbusters have already left theatres, there are still many excellent movies available. I would advise you to watch Nope, Jordan Peele’s metaphorically dense creature film, if you asked for my advice. Top Gun: Maverick has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, so it is a simple decision if you’re searching for something that is nearly certain to be a fantastic time. Similarly, Bullet Train is meant to be simple, mindless entertainment. If you enjoyed RRR during the summer, I could suggest that the brave go see Brahmastra Part One: Shiva.

There is no actual method to determine which theatres are taking part or not, but National Cinema Day organisers have created a searchable database that lists the cinemas taking part in the event. Enter your zip code, then head to the theatre. Which movie are you most anticipating this weekend?

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