Kalash AK-47

Where Can I Obtain the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart?

Do you want to know where you can acquire the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart? Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter set in the 1950s-era Soviet Union.

A utopia has gone bad, and you must now track down the main adversary while fighting biomechanical robots. You’ll have an arsenal of weaponry at your disposal. The world-famous AK-47, known in the game as Kalash AK, is one of the weapons available in Atomic Heart. This tutorial will walk you through the process of obtaining the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart.

How do you get the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart?
To obtain the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart, you must first locate the weapon’s schematics. They are located in the Vavilov Complex. Look for a chamber named the Cold Lab. There is a chest there, and within are the Kalash AK blueprints.

To access the chest, you must first plant the canister in the location.

Once you have obtained the blueprints for the Kalash AK in Atomic Heart, you can use them to create the appropriate weapon.

The majority of the weaponry in Atomic Heart can be obtained in this manner. You must first locate blueprints for the weapon before you can construct it. Nonetheless, you can obtain a few helpful weapons by looting dead soldiers and crates, such as the Makarov Pistol, among others.

The blueprints for the medium ammo used by Kalash AK in Atomic Heart are the next thing you need.

Early in the game, ammo is scarce, but it will become increasingly common. You’ll be able to carry up to 300 rounds. This high figure is a positive thing because it allows you to use the high fire rate without issue.

Despite the fact that you begin the game with a simple shotgun, the Atomic Heart gives a wide range of weapons. You can also use your Polymer Glove, which possesses the abilities of telekinesis, freezing, and electricity.