Whitaker & Bull Collaborates with Emerging Artists to Produce Unique Products

From candles, cushions, rugs, vases, and art, there are different décor items that you can use to make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, most of these items are expensive, making many people opt for DIY techniques. This and some other reasons inspired Demi Visnick, a fashion and interior designer, to launch Whitaker & Bull. The new modern luxury home décor company is providing original designed products at affordable prices from artists like herself and other emerging artists.

The company’s unique approach to home décor and Demi’s experience in the field are distinguishable features that put them ahead of the pack in this fast-paced and competitive market, as their décor items like luxury candles continue to attract a lot of attention. Demi Visnick is an award-winning designer who graduated from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Demi worked in the design industry for 14 years in menswear and textiles before she moved to home décor. Demi has worked with top companies such as Reebok, with her designs receiving much praise. Demi Visnick is the recipient of the CFDA+ Award for Menswear & Textiles, among other awards.

According to the talented designer, while she loved her work in fashion, she wanted to try something different, which spurred her to try out home décor. Demi felt there was a missing piece in the market for those who love and appreciate art and want to support artists at an affordable price. To bridge this gap, Demi launched Whitaker & Bull in 2020. 

The company has been in a product development phase for two years and has now created an original, one-of-a-kind product. They have developed unique luxury candles with a lid that fits into the bottom of the candle so that you can use it as a stand.

The Whitaker & Bull candles have a complete 360 artistic waterproof labels that are part of the glass. In addition, the glassware is customized to fit the given candle, and the art is aesthetically placed on the glass so it does not get detached. These luxury art candles are available on Whitaker & Bull’s official website.

Demi says that her goal is to make it possible for art lovers to get fabulous pieces at favorable prices. In addition, she gives people an avenue to appreciate their favorite artists and upgrade their home décor. She also provides young talents with a platform to showcase their skills.

The art industry is highly competitive, and breaking into the field can be difficult, especially without proper guidance. However, having walked this path and built a powerful brand, Demi continues to help other emerging artists share their skills with the world and grow their ventures.

Whitaker & Bull has collaborated with emerging artists on their luxury candle project, helping new artists get discovered. As Demi and her team redefine interior design, giving the public an alternative to making their homes look expensive without breaking the bank, they want to add more decor items to the list. Demi believes this will help the young artists cement their spot in the industry and monetize their passions.