Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Wi-Fi 6 connectivity troubles plague owners of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A sort of repair is on the way.

Almost all of the top Samsung phones introduced each year can’t manage to make it to users without causing havoc. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series was scolded last year for restricting app performance via the Game Optimisation Service, prompting lawsuits in South Korea. While the problem has already been resolved, a few issues continue to plague the previous-generation flagship lineup to this day. The latest Samsung flagship products are no exception, as complaints of an unpleasant Wi-Fi connectivity issue are building up speed in major online forums.

According to a number of customers who visited the Reddit and Samsung Community sites, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra appears to be experiencing problems connecting to Wi-Fi 6 networks. Several users reported receiving a “connected without internet” warning, notably when using 802.11ax or WPA3 for the “recommended security method,” as per Android Central.

This means that the top-tier model can connect to Wi-Fi 6 routers but cannot connect to the internet. However, the issue appears to be limited to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with other devices connected to the same network functioning perfectly.

One user commented in the r/Samsung forum about bringing the issue to the attention of Samsung, and a customer service representative acknowledged the issue. As of now, the firm is working on a solution, but it won’t be available until the next monthly update. Because the February 2023 software patch was only released last week, affected customers may have to wait a bit before the issue is resolved.

Thankfully, some users offered a few alternatives, such as disabling Wi-Fi 6 and the WPA3 encryption protocol, which appeared to ease the problem for some. A factory reset may also be beneficial. Fortunately, you should be alright if you’re utilizing a Wi-Fi 5 network.

The latest flaw cropped up just a few weeks after a resurrected Android Auto bug plagued some Galaxy S23 customers. Certain freshly released Galaxy flagship phones, like previous year’s models, appeared to have problems wirelessly syncing with cars. Other concerns included unsuccessful automatic Bluetooth pairing after a vehicle was disabled, as well as missing permissions that prevent a phone from connecting to cars.

While the Wi-Fi 6 fault should not dissuade you from purchasing one of the year’s most anticipated devices, Samsung should act quickly to resolve the issue rather than wait until the next update.