William Shatner

William Shatner shows up at Comic-Con, and Masters of the Universe is coming soon.

Kevin Smith, who makes the Masters of the Universe: Revolution series, said that William Shatner will voice a mysterious character.

He-Man and his friends will be happy to meet a new character in the sequel to Netflix’s Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. This is an animated show set in space that hasn’t had anyone who’s been to space until now. William Shatner showed up unexpectedly at Thursday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel celebrating 40 years of Masters Of The Universe toys, movies, and TV shows. Series creator Kevin Smith confirmed that Shatner will voice a mystery character in the upcoming Masters Of The Universe: Revolution.

The legendary Star Trek actor and real-life astronaut showed up to tell the audience that he had been cast in the movie in the most Comic-Con way possible: his loud voice startled and delighted people in Hall H before he joined the panel. Shatner had a lot to do at the 2022 convention. He was there to show a preview of a documentary about his life that will be made by Legion M, a production company made and run by fans. He made a joke by saying, “San Diego Comic-Con has grown.” “The water has something in it. It used to be a small town that didn’t do much.

Shatner was too eager to threaten to reveal information about his mystery Masters of the Universe character, even though Smith was clearly told not to say anything. Smith said, “This season, we had a lot of good luck.” “It was a big deal for me to be able to say that I was involved in some way in the creation of a performance by a legend like this.”

Masters of the Universe: Revolution already has a lot of fans, and this will only make them more excited. Mark Hamill, who is also a big name in science fiction, will play Skeletor again in the next battles for Eternia. Since Shatner has already done voiceover work for Star Trek video games, Two-Face in Batman Vs. Two-Face, and, true story, an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, we’re in for a treat.