XRP price.

My code on possible outcomes of the Court:

+If(US Court decides in favour of #Ripple), (XRP finalises correction at $0.33 & X Rockets P🚀

} Else {
// US Court decides in opposition to Ripple, XRP expands correction & finalise correction @$0.22 & X Rockets P🚀)

Check Mate.

— Dark Defender (@DefendDark) January 26, 2023

The analyst here provides the levels, the XRP price may reach in either of the circumstances but also believe the price may rebound quickly in case of a bearish divergence. While it is also assumed the lows at $0.22 may offer a strong base for the token, to begin with, a firm recovery where-in the bulls may load their bags before the bug run ahead.

Besides, in the short term, the analyst believes that the XRP price may defend the support and fairly rise high to reach $0.54 in February and above $1.13 in March.

Collectively, the XRP price appears to be at the edge of a massive explosion and may rise significantly in the coming days, regardless of the Bitcoin price rally.