Yes, Cult of the Lamb adherents are allowed to pet their dogs.

While gathering tithes, I learned about this.

In the cult, the day is lovely. After seeing my stunning marriage to Pano, a pig, only a few days after my first marriage to Pano, a donkey, my thousands of followers are worshipping at my shrine, their hearts full of faith. They are grinning as they laboriously slice timber into boards and dedicate it. Now is the time for me to go about blessing my followers and demanding tithes from them.

I play a cute lamb granted a second chance at life in the video game Cult of the Lamb. I was saved from the jaws of death by a dark god. I’ll erect a cult in their honor in return. I got to work exploring dungeons to obtain supplies and enlist cult members who are all humanoid animals like me. I construct buildings, conduct sermons and ceremonies, and cultivate each person’s loyalty through personal contact. I go up to the praying fox Thormermer and choose to “extort tithes.” However, when I interact with Hugrear the dog, I see that I can “pet dog,” so of course, I do.

It’s a popular Easter egg in video games and it’s a sweet little one. The important query of whether you can pet dogs in various titles has its own Twitter account. But in the Cult of the Lamb, you can’t pet any of your followers because they are all similar-looking creatures with the same mindset. I suppose it stinks for them.

It also meshes with the game’s peculiar, diabolical sense of humor, which frequently couples really lovely elements like frog acolytes, cuddly dialogues, and a dedicated “baa” button with extremely bonkers things like ritual sacrifice and cannibalism. (Yes, exactly like Stray’s meow button, you may press a button at any time to baa.) Between making my husband shit sandwiches, I’ll make sure to pet the dog.