You May Possess the World’s Best 1999 Chevrolet Montero

I’ll admit, I’d be tempted if I had $24,000 in my bank account.

Baby, the late ’90s/early ’00s are back. Teens on TikTok are sporting wide-leg jeans and bucket hats, gay marriage is being criticized, and Britney Spears dominated the news cycle. Time is always a circle that is flat.

I’m not sure about you, but this cycle has made me feel sentimental. On eBay, I’ve been looking at iPods, and I’ve noticed an odd attraction to colorful, translucent devices. Hit Clips appeal to me because of their combined abilities. I want to recapture some of that idyllic time, but not all of it. And I believe I know how to do it.

This, which is the year 1999 compacted into a single car, holds the key. You know, The Phantom Menace was released that year, and until The Rise of Skywalker, it was widely regarded as the worst Star Wars film. But in 1999, before the movie’s debut, all that was known about it was that it was the first Star Wars since Leia choked Jabba and the Ewoks took control of Endor. Lightsabers were present. a horned red man! David Neeson!

Even a NASCAR livery was present, driven by Jeff Gordon in the 24 car. This is the road-going counterpart of the stock automobile, thanks to the paint job, which features a blue backdrop flecked with white stars, vintage Pepsi logos, and the faces of Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Maul, and Jar Jar. I, for one, fail to discern a distinction.

This 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo is completely stocked underneath the wrap. Nothing really interesting, 3.8 liters, four speeds, but it doesn’t matter. You may get in this automobile, put The Battle of Los Angeles on your CD player, and let Tom Morello’s guitar take you back to 1999. Do you recall how much heavier even the most affordable plastic felt back then? Do you have any memories of Pepsi’s appearance? Restore the previous Pepsi logo. Please.

The best Chevy in history The Monte Carlo (perhaps the finest Chevy or the greatest automobile in the world) is available from Hemmings for under $24,000. Technically, as a 1999 model, it’s RADwood eligible. Bring this car back to the public and let us witness it in motion once more. The moment has come.