YouTube is reportedly paying podcasters to film their shows Podcasters have gotten up to $300,000!

YouTube is reportedly giving cash to podcasters in a very bid to induce them to make video versions of their shows, according to a report from Bloomberg.

folks on the brink of true told Bloomberg that YouTube is offering individual shows $50,000 and up to $300,000 for podcast networks, probably to fund recorded episodes and alternative video-based content.

Despite being a platform for video, the Google-owned YouTube hosts a variety of fashionable podcasts, as well as the H3 Podcast, Full Send Podcast, and therefore the} mountain peak Paul-led Impulsive.

It even helped foster the expansion of the moot Joe Rogan Experience, which Spotify purchased the exclusive rights to in 2020. YouTube has been creating tiny advances towards pleasing listeners on the platform.

In October, it began permitting all Canadian users to pay attention to the audio while not having the app open — a feature antecedently solely obtainable to YouTube Premium subscribers. Around the same time, YouTube also employed Kai Chuk to guide the company’s podcasting efforts. though Spotify already supports video podcasts, obtaining fashionable shows to form related videos that are maybe exclusive to the platform may facilitate building an audience that wishes quite simply audio.

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