Instagram will soon include NFTs, says Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram will soon include NFTs, says Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram would be the first major social media platform to enable users to mint NFTs.

Why should one of the world’s most popular applications be any different? Instagram will soon enable users to display NFTs and maybe mint them, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“We’re planning on introducing NFTs to Instagram soon,” Zuckerberg remarked at SXSW this week. “I’m not ready to say precisely what it is today. With the capacity to bring in some of your NFTs, you may be able to mint things inside that environment over the next several months.”


NFTs on social media are nothing new. Earlier this year, Twitter started enabling Twitter Blue members on iOS to use an NFT as their profile image. The firm did not enable customers to mint their own NFTs. Instagram users may manufacture their own NFTs, a feature not available on Twitter. In the event that NFTs become popular on Instagram, Meta might transform the app into a marketplace for NFTs, offering an income source outside of advertising, which is becoming more difficult.


And Meta’s NFT aspirations go beyond Instagram. “I would expect that you know, the apparel that your avatar is wearing in the metaverse, you know, can be essentially minted as an NFT and you can transport it between your multiple places,” says Zuckerberg. Some technological issues need to be resolved before it becomes really seamless.”

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